Language courses

Most classes at the HBKsaar are held in German. Good knowledge of German is therefore essential!

During both the winter and the summer semesters, the Language Center of the Saarland University organizes German language courses at different levels for international students.


In March, August and September, during the semester breaks, the Language Center offers intensive German language courses lasting 4 weeks. These courses also include an exciting range of workshops (e.g. theatre, course newspaper) as well as varied recreational programme (excursions, film evenings).


The Language Center at Saarland University offers also German language courses that run during the semester. These courses are designed to meet the needs of students involved in academic exchange programmes (ERASMUS, etc.).

The programme covers general language classes which are held twice a week.

The language courses are rewarded with ECTS points.


You can find information about the German courses at: