Study path

Communication design

Communication is at all times and everywhere. That is the reason why, in times of over stimulation, good communication design is more important than ever before. It can facilitate or even save life, it can create or meet needs and it can structure or document, educate or simply entertain.


A teaching team of 7 professors as well as a range of lecturers and collaborators are supporting the students in discussing contemporary questions and finding lasting solutions. Furthermore, this project based course allows and encourages interdisciplinary cooperation with other areas of study at HBKsaar as well as institutes of the Saarland University and partner schools in Germany and abroad. The students acquire interdisciplinary professional competences and skills in fields of work and respectively in fields of teaching which are accordingly varied and self-determined:

  • traditional and unconventional advertising
  • corporate and social design,
  • print media and online media,
  • orientation and exhibition,
  • analogue and digital images,
  • information and illustration graphic.
  • The study of design practice is accompanied by a range of theoretical subjects devoted to aesthetic, semiotic, rhetoric, history of design, philosophy and management strategies.


Communication design graduates work as independent, interdisciplinary thinking designers and consultants with a broad spectrum of experience in design and making as well as the aptitude to become quickly familiar with new, unusual tasks.



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