Study path

Fine arts


Painting is and remains one of the most important disciplines of fine arts. In the painting studios of HBKsaar, a teaching based on individual tutorials encourages the exploration and the development of a vast range of styles and themes of the painting. The artistic possibilities of development and formulations range from classic inspired panel through to installation space compositions.



Students can work and experiment in spacious studios and workshops located in the industrial environment of the UNESCO’s world culture heritage site “Völklinger Hütte”. Sculpture, painting and design find a cross-disciplinary field of work and research in the former craftsmen workshops, “Handwerkergasse”.

The new project office S_A_R (Sculpture-Action-Research) develops and realizes projects in public space and participates active with artistic means in the conception and the planning of social states and spaces.


Mixed Media

This multidisciplinary course encompasses different fields of new artistic media like audiovisual art and sound art, video-art and digital media, performance and interactive space staging. These multimedia aspects are integrated in project works in many ways and generate experimental innovative works of high sensual quality.



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