Master study programmes

In addition to the four general study areas fine arts, communication design, product design an media art & design, the HBKsaar offers four specialized master courses: curating, museum education, network culture and design theory as well as public art and public design. These are closely connected to the regular courses of the HBKsaar and focus on special professional qualifying aspects.


A detailed description of all master study programmes can be found in the PDF file Modulhandbuch, available in German only.



Admission Requirements

The Master study programmes are accessible for Bachelor graduates of the HBKsaar and also for all graduates with a Bachelor degree in scientific or artistic fields of study with a minimum of 240 CP ECTS. Applicants with less than 240 CP ECTS will be placed in a transition Bachelor program until they achieved the required CP ECTS.

The selection of the students for the Master study programmes is based on an aptitude test.

The standard duration of the Master courses is one year and should not exceed 2 years. The one-year Master course carries a total of 60 CP.




The application process begins with the application for admission to the artistic aptitude test. 

Applicants must submit the completed application form  "Antrag auf Zulassung zur Eignungsprüfung"  (PDF Format) and the artistic portfolio together with supporting documents by 31 May.

If 31 May is a weekend or holiday, deliveries will be accepted on the next working day.

Applicants are notified in writing about their admission or rejection.

Passing examination results will remain valid for two years.


Application must include the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae (in German) with passport photograph
  • University entrance qualification equivalent of the German "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung"
  • Degree of Art or Design studies or degree in related fields of study
  • Other certificates of education, vocational training and university degrees
  • Official academic transcripts and/or reports
  • All copies of original documents and their translated transcripts must be authenticated.
  • Letter of motivation, chief expectations desired fields of emphasis
  • Portfolio
  • Publications, if any
  • Completed application form “Antrag auf Zulassung zur Eignungsprüfung” (PDF-download)


Artistic Aptitude Test

The Artistic Aptitude Test is administered only once a year. New students are admitted only in the winter semester of an academic year, beginning in October.

The Artistic Aptitude Test  consists of a pre-selection (portfolio review) and an examination interview with the examining board.


Portfolio review

The examining board reviews the submitted portfolio. It selects the candidates who reveal the artistic qualification for the requested subject. For the successful applications the aptitude test carries on with an interview.


Examination Interview

The examination interview is conducted in form of a conversation. Particular aspects for evaluation are basic questions related to artistic creation as well as technical problems in the presentation of works related to painting, graphic, sculpture and space, considering the desired course of study.

At the interview it is absolutely necessary that the applicants have sufficient knowledge of German language.


The HBKsaar takes every care to practical works with the utmost care. However the HBKsaar is not liable for possible damage or loss to the artistic works submitted. Applicants may pick up their works in person or person with a written authorization. Portfolios will be discarded 3 months after the end of the aptitude test. The HBKsaar does not return portfolios.



The application deadline is the 31 May.


Language requirements

In addition to the artistic and academic requirements, applicants from non-German speaking countries are required to give proof of sufficient German language skills at least at B2 level.

We accept the following certificate: TestDaF( level TDN4 in all four skills)


Chinese applicants

Chinese applicants are requested to have their academic transcripts approved by the academic examinations office of the cultural affairs department at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Peking (APS). For more information please visit the website:


Portfolio advice day

Each year the HBKsaar organizes Infotage (Information Days) which provide applicants best opportunities to meet staff and to show their portfolios to professors from the area they are interested in.