Study path

Master study programs

In addition to the four general study areas

  • fine arts,
  • communication design,
  • product design and
  • media art & design

the HBKsaar offers four specialized master courses:

  • curating,
  • museum education,
  • experimental media and
  • public art and public design.

These are closely connected to the regular courses of the HBKsaar and focus on special professional qualifying aspects.

A detailed description of all master study programmes can be found in the PDF file Modulhandbuch, available in German only.

Admission Requirements

The Master study programmes are accessible for Bachelor graduates of the HBKsaar and also for all graduates with a Bachelor degree in scientific or artistic fields of study with a minimum of 240 CP ECTS. Applicants with less than 240 CP ECTS will be placed in a transition Bachelor program until they achieved the required CP ECTS.

The selection of the students for the Master study programmes is based on an aptitude test.

The standard duration of the Master courses is one year and should not exceed 2 years. The one-year Master course carries a total of 60 CP.


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