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Media art & design

Digital information and communication technologies have fundamentally transformed the structures of the professional and the educational world. The fields of design and making are also redefined through digital technologies.

The study course media art and design (MAAD) prepares students specifically for a range of challenging works in the fields of media and design.


Teaching of a creative practice: The study course media art and design dedicates to the exploration of the various possibilities and ranges of application of digital technologies. It particularly focuses on the teaching of an individual creative practice. Furthermore the course places the emphasis on the application of the acquired competences in varied professional and social contexts.


Core subject: Visual media: Media art and design give students the opportunity to become fluent in a broad range of media technologies as well as to acquire an extensive foundation in history of art and theory of media. The teaching of the different components of media art and design is based on an integrative practice and hence enables a well-founded background for a creative as well as a critical use of visual media.


Individualisation through project structure: The teaching concept of media art and design in based on project works in order to give students the possibility to specialise and to broaden the corresponding skills. The contents of all courses are open to everyone and interdisciplinary teaching is offered so that students can react to their own interests as well as to changes within the aspired professional fields.


Core subjects: Media art and design dedicates to the realisation of electronic time based and interactive productions. It includes the following components moving image3D animationVisual FX, making of virtual spaces, photography, works in the areas of media artsound art and light art, interactive productions and internet applications.


Resources and facilities: The course is directed by a team of professors, Burkhard Detzler, Sung-Hyung Cho and Daniel Hausig, and various lecturers within the areas of studies of art as well as communication design and product design.

Besides project works rooms which are outfitted with the latest hardware and software, students are provided with well-equipped workshops for wood, print, CNC model building including 3D-print and metal. Students participate in commission projects and third party funded projects and hence they gain early a substantial insight in the tender and professional practice. For the realisation of projects, the HBKsaar cooperates with a large number of local and international partners in the fields of culture and economy.


Where could the course lead?

The course prepares students for a wide range of creative careers which focus on moving image or interactive image. They include design-related or artistic-related careers according to the individual specialisation.

Feel free to contact the MAAD team for further details, contact e-mail:



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