Teacher training in art education

The HBKsaar offers the following teacher training programmes in art education:

  • Teacher training in art education for Primary Schools (grades 1-4) and
  • for Secondary Schools Level I (grades 5 -9) (LPS1)
  • Teacher training in art education for  secondary schools Level I (LS1)
  • Teacher training in art education for secondary schools Level I and II (LS1 +2)
  • Teacher training in art education for vocational schools (LAB)


Art teachers are experts for specific pedagogical and educational processes in the field of fine art which are based on artistic and aesthetic experiences on one hand and on scientific knowledge on the other hand.

 To this purpose they must command artistic and creative skills, subject-specific and didactic competences which can be acquired in the teacher training programme which is structured in 12 modules.

The teacher training programmes provide school teachers with the theoretical foundations and practical professional skills and are based on the present and future needs in their careers.


Application deadline

New students are only admitted in the winter semester. The selection of students is based on an Artistic Aptitude Test (“Eignungsprüfung”). The application deadline for the aptitude test is the 31 May.



After having being successful in their application, prospective students can enrol either in the field of art or design at the HBKsaar.  Art education must be combined with a second major subject which is taught either at the Universität des Saarlandes or at the Hochschule für Musik. Therefore it is necessary to enrol respectively at one of these universities. Further it is compulsory to register at the Universität des Saarlandes for the subject of educational sciences.


In the winter semester 2007/08 the HBKsaar introduced the modularised teacher training programmes in art education. For further information please visit the website of Zentrum für Lehrerbildung.


All international applicants are most welcome to send their portfolio to HBKsaar.The application and selection process is practically the same for foreigners as it is for German applicants. There are however some additional documents to be submitted, such as translations of certificates, and the proof of proficiency in the German language.



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